You may or may not have noticed that we have started offering ‘Threading’ facial hair removal at appuru!

3 Sep 2016
You may or may not have noticed that we have started offering ‘Threading’ facial hair removal at appuru!

Threading is a method of hair removal that originated in Asia. In more recent times it has gained popularity in the western countries.

In Threading, a thin (cotton or polyester) thread is doubled, twisted & then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair quickly and efficiently. It is unknown exactly where threading originated first - Central Asia or India. According to one theory, the practice started in India over 6000 years ago & spread throughout Asia and the Middle East

Advantages cited for eyebrow threading as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides more precise control in shaping, so therefore gives better definition & it is gentler on the skin. Like waxing, it can be uncomfortable as several hairs are removed at once: however, this can be minimized if it is done correctly. It can be used to remove unwanted hair on the entire face & upper lip area, but threading is not good for removing hair on arms or legs, as the hair in those regions is typically quite coarse & copious.

Threading is new to our salon, but not to our (not so new anymore) therapist Rachel. She has been threading for the last 4 years & is therefore very experienced. Threading is something you don’t really want a beginner doing to your eyebrows!

There are a few different techniques for threading. These include the hand method, mouth method & neck. Each technique has advantages & disadvantages; however, the mouth holding method is the fastest & most precise… this is of course the technique our lovely Rachel uses.

 Hope to see you soon!

Karen (appuru's Owner)

The sensation that is ‘Gel Polish!

28 Jul 2016
The sensation that is ‘Gel Polish!

Gel polished nails have taken over with amazing results and there are some fabulous colours around.

From a Beauty Therapist’s point of view, the Gel Manicure is so good for so many reasons. One reason is that you get instantly dry nails… no more smudging when paying for your manicure at reception, or waiting about for them to dry and just when you think they are dry, bang! A big chunk of polish gouged, and ruined.

If like myself, you like to have long nails but suffer with weak and brittle nails and are not very good at taking vitamins, or if you are a bit of a nail biter, then Gel nails are definitely the things to have! There will be no damage to the natural nails like you can get with acrylic extensions.

Here at appuru we choose to use Orly GELFX Vitamin-Infused Gel Polish. Antioxidant vitamins A and E promote healthy nails, while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. The result? Full protection, incredible shine and up to 2 weeks chip free!

A Gel Polish Manicure will generally last around 2 weeks depending on the client and what they do. Some people manage to keep them on for longer. Perfect for the summer holidays and one less thing to worry about while away!

Whilst we accept that any Gel polish is not going to be natural, Orly GELFX is nourishing to the nails and does not damage them when removed correctly. The removal of Gel Polishes can damage the natural nail if not done correctly, but I can assure you that here at appuru it is done properly and with great care!

Hopefully this little blog has given you a bit more information on the Gel sensation and I look forward to seeing some of you soon for your Gel nails!

Big hugs,

Rachel (Beauty Therapist at appuru)

Gel Polish Manicure OR Pedicure at appuru, 45 minutes - £35.

Halloween Special Spiced Pumpkin Back Scrub & Massage

5 Nov 2015
Halloween Special Spiced Pumpkin Back Scrub & Massage Bright orange bulbous vegetables shouldn't just be used to scare ghosts and ghouls at Halloween.

Bursting with a fiery spiced pepper fragrance, this scrub has savoury overtones of nutmeg and grapeseed to compliment the rich aroma of spiced pumpkin pie. You can also purchase the scrub which makes a great Halloween gift.

45 minutes of pure bliss.

Special Price £40.00

10% Off Your Next Treatment!

30 Oct 2015
10% Off Your Next Treatment! Get 10% off your next treatment in the salon - just make your booking via our iPhone App or our new Android App.

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